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■Review Because there is a baby, it was an inn that I found a large bath and tatami with a washroom. The interior was clean and clean, so we were able to spend quite comfortably because we can use kitchen and washing machine freely. Access from convenience stores etc. is near from the station well and it is easy to use even if taking it easy for sightseeing. I did not use it, but I think that sightseeing is also very good with an installed bicycle if it is an adult only trip. There was change of reservation time and arrival time on the previous day, it was saved just as we were able to respond to change of key delivery time pleasantly! Thank you very much. ■Rating item Rooms · Amenities: 4.0 Location: 5.0 Meals: Not used Cleanliness: 4.0 Facilities / Equipment: 4.0 Satisfaction level: 4.0


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