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Traditional house near Kanazawa station

The samurai style town house built 70 years ago was refurbished so that it is cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

In order to satisfy the guests who stayed and to improve the luck of the guests, we set up an object that feels Japan from ancient times in the inn.
We would be pleased if "Kanazawa Machiya Aburaya" also developed with guests. 

Kanazawa is a small town, "Kanazawa Machiya Aburaya" is within walking distance from Kanazawa Station, Omi-cho Fish Market, and Samurai House. Because the sightseeing spots of Kanazawa is a distance that you can reach by bicycle in about 10 minutes, sightseeing by bicycle is efficient. "Kanazawa Machiya Aburaya" has 2 bicycles so you can use it freely and enjoy sightseeing.

The most troublesome thing about traveling is to find delicious restaurants. Omi-machi fish market is said to be "kitchen of Kanazawa citizen", and there are many shops that can eat fish-based meals.There are many popular shops that use Kanazawa citizens around Kanazawa station, so you do not have to worry about restaurants even during the day and night as well as consecutive nights.
We can suggest you sightseeing and restaurants that local people know. Please feel free to ask.


Accommodable 1 to 4 people

●Free Parking×1

●Induction Cooker

●Hair Dryer



​●Body Soap

●Free Wifi



●Vacuum Cleaner



●Washing Machine

●Electric Kettle

●Rice Cooker


●Toaster Oven

​●Air Conditioner

●Bath / Face Towel

●Single bed

●Semi-double bed

●Bed guard for child


●Kotatsu to put your feet in


Introduction of manager in Kanazawa

 Airbnb certified super host 



Born from Denver,Colo,USA.

Emigrated to Japan in November 2010

【Language】English & Japanese

​Thank you very much for visiting Kanazawa Machiya Aburaya's website.
I moved to Ishikawa Prefecture in November 2010 and now I live in Kanazawa city with a Japanese wife and daughter.
Kanazawa has the splendor of Japanese good old tradition, culture and humanity.
I have been managing properties like Aburaya since 2014. I love taking care of travelers, and taking care or the houses as well.
Because I am from the United States, I can tell you about the wonderfulness of Japan that Japanese people might notice.
We are familiar with the sightseeing spots and restaurant of Kanazawa & Noto, so please do not hesitate to ask.
I am looking forward to the encounter with everyone who will be coming to Kanazawa, and your stay at Aburaya.

Traditional culture of Kanazawa

The traditional culture of Kanazawa was carefully nurtured during the clan government era, and the modernity was passed on glamor and grace.
In Kanazawa, cultures that can not be seen in other prefectures are fostered, and you can feel unique glamor. Guests can also enjoy their unique culture in "Kanazawa Machiya Aruba".
We are waiting for the guest who wants to experience different from the Western hotel.


 Wall of "Ultramarine" 

In Kanazawa, there is a tradition of using ultramarine on the wall of the house, using a vivid, flashy ultramarine color rather than a pale ultramarine color.
It is said that the roots of this wallpaper is the Seisonkaku for wife was built in 1863 by the 13th generation Kaga lord, Maeda Nariyasu.
This ultramarine room, it was considered to be a seat for high social status. At the Meiji period, people was rich in Kanazawa began to use it, and eventually it became used in the habitation room for guests even in the residence of the general public.
There are various opinions, but it seems that it was used in Kanazawa where the snow falls in winter, the gray sky covers, and the inside of the house wants to make it a gorgeous atmosphere.
This ultramarine color is also incorporated into the green car of the Hokuriku Shinkansen.

 Wall of "Vermilion" 

Just like the ultramarine wall, the vermilion wall is also a unique culture of Kanazawa.
It seems that we used vermillion which is warm color in snow deep Kanazawa, in order to soften the coldness of winter visually too.
The vermillion wall with glossy feeling went spread from the Maeda family of lords to a samurai residence, then to a restaurant, a town house, a Ochaya.
Even now, in the restaurants and Ochaya in Ishikawa Prefecture, vermillion walls are also used and you can experience the fantastic atmosphere of the time.

You can also enjoy this unique culture of Kanazawa at Kanazawa Machiya Aburaya.


Location Map

Kanazawa Machiya Aburaya

2-5-12 Housai Kanazawa-shi Ishikawa Japan

 5 minutes on foot from Kanazawa Station

 11 minutes on foot from Omicyo fish market

​ 8 minutes on foot from Samurai District

 1 minutes on foot from Convenient Stores

​ 1 minutes on foot from Bank

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