Traditional inn near Takayama station

Hida takayama SAKURA ABURAYA is a 50-year-old Japanese house renovated to make you feel comfortable even in Takayama, which is hot in summer and cold in winter.

Takayama city is a small town that left the Japanese landscape. Takayama city has many narrow streets and traffic regulations are also complicated, so you are easy walking tours than car sightseeing.

From Hida Takayama SAKURA Aburaya, Sanmachi traditional house group and Takayama Jinya, Miyagawa Morning Market are within a 14-minute walk.

As we have a spacious garden in the hotel, guests can drink tea outside on sunny days.
There are popular shops of Hida beef and Takayama noodles within walking distance, and it is convenient for meal.
We can suggest you about sightseeing spots and restaurants that local people know. Please do not hesitate to ask.

Accommodable 1 to 5 people

●Free Parking×1

●Induction Cooker

●Hair Dryer



​●Body Soap

●Free Wifi


●Vacuum Cleaner


​●Dining set

●Garden Table


●Washing Machine

●Electric kettle

●Rice Cooker



●Air Conditioner

●Bath/Face Towel

●Semi-Double Bed×2


●Electric Blanket

●Stair Fall Prevention Fence

Born from France
Emigrated to Japan in 2018
【Language】English & French & Japanese

Gwenn Ducoli

Thank you for visiting SAKURA Aburaya's site.

Hello, my name is GWENN.
I’m french living in Japan.
I am living in Takayama.

I shared my professional life between France and Japan during 4 years.
If you come to SAKURA Aburaya,  I will be your host during your stay in Takayama.

I would be very happy to welcome you to SAKURA Aburaya and share with you all the knowledge about Takayama and the hida region.

I’m looking forward to meeting you. I thank you in advance for all your interest.

Introduction of manager in Takayama

 Airbnb certified super host  

Cherry Blossoms

of Symbol

It is a well-known fact that cherry blossoms are recognized as a symbol of Japan in the whole world, but even if we think about it globally, the habit that the country can wait for the full bloom of flowers so far is unusual outside Japan It is that.

Japanese predict the flowering time before the cherry blossoms are blooming, look forward to the flowering now or now, pleased when cherry blossoms are blooming, and cherry blossoms are scolded. Japanese people have lived with cherry blossoms since long ago.

The cherry blossoms that are scattered soon after blooming are not obsessed with this world and are regarded as symbols of samurai's way of life devoted to life for righteousness, and the word "flower is Sakuragi, people are samurai" means the ideal of Bushido .

Flowering on a warm sunny spring day, but it will be scattered in a couple of weeks quickly, this is the reason why Japanese love cherry blossoms.



​3-83-4 Tenmanmachi Takayama-shi Gifu Japan

7 minutes on foot from Takayama station

10 minutes on foot from Sanmachi traditional house group

7 minutes on foot from Takayama Jinya

11 minutes on foot from Miyakawa ​morning market

SAKURA Aburaya


Kanazawa Machiya Aburaya

2-5-12 Housai Kanazawa-shi Ishikawa Japan


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Taisho Aburaya

3-82-2 Tenmanmachi Takayama-shi Gifu​ Japan


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SAKURA Aburaya

3-83-4 Tenmanmachi Takayama-shi Gifu​ Japan