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Guests to Kanazawa Machiya Aburaya.

The 111th Kutani-yaki Festival

A big event unique to Kutani-yaki production area, with about 190,000 visitors from all over Japan. A series of special shops selling luxury items and modern daily use vessels will be held, and various events will be held to make the festival alive. Many food tents line up, and you can also enjoy the standard menu and local gourmet. The Nomi City Kutani Ceramic Museum and the Nomi City Kutani Ceramic Museum in the Kutani Ceramic Village, which will be the venue, can be admitted free of charge during the festival. Kutani ware museum was reopened in March 2018! Please visit us at this opportunity.

Opening period May 3rd, 2019 (Friday)-5th (Sun.) Opening time 8: 30-18: 00 Venue Kutani Ceramic Art Village Special Venue Address 22 south of Izumidaicho, Nomi City, Ishikawa Prefecture 923-1111 Phone number 0761-58-6656 Official site Ishikawa Prefecture Ceramic Industry & Industry Cooperative Association Fee Free Transportation access (car) Park at the Kiryu Industrial Park Special Parking Lot and take about 10 minutes by shuttle bus Access to Kiryu Industrial Park: About 40 minutes by car from JR Kanazawa Station About 20 minutes by car from JR Komatsu Station About 25 minutes by car from Komatsu Airport About 5 minutes by car from Nominee Smart IC Access (public) About 30 minutes by bus from JR Nominekami Station (Please use shuttle bus or only bus) Parking lot Special parking lot (Kiryu Industrial Park) ※ There is no parking lot around the venue, so please use the shuttle bus (¥ 200) from the Kiryu Industrial Park parking lot.

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