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Guests to Kanazawa Machiya Aburaya.

A luncheon of a popular shop that tastes with Hyakumangoku rice

Ishikawa Prefecture's new rice "Hyakuman grain" debut for the second year campaign! "Arabic grain" which was released as an original new varieties in Ishikawa Prefecture in the autumn of 2017. This time, from October 20 (Sat) to the debut 2nd year campaign, we collaborate with the restaurants in the prefecture and conduct "a luncheon of popular shops that taste with lightning grain". We devised a menu specialized with "Amaka cuisine" which popular 8 stores can not usually taste, using the lightweight cereal. Not only can you taste at each store during the period, but also make recipes at the "Kanazawa daily" special page so that you can make it at home as well. In addition, an instant campaign holding 'Arabaan grain' in lottery is held. For details, visit [Special Page].

Date of opening ◆ Saturday, October 20, 2018 ~ January 19, 2019 (Saturday) ① Selling "Retail Lunch of Popular Store to Taste with Lightning Grain" at Each Store Meat master Jade Kanazawa (Kanazawa) "Noto beef chirashi sushi" Nigiri shrine dizzy (Kanazawa) "Seafood Yukke bowl" Fusion 21 (Kanazawa) "Noto pig pussy" Joyfully (Kanazawa) "Red wine dreg sauce bowl of Noto pig" Botanical Deck (Nonoichi) "SPICE Keema Curry" Village Cafe Alekole (Kaga) "Cheese soup carve rice bowl" Mother's Day Sometimes (Nanao) "Sometimes Makanami Bowl" Mori + Spider dining hall (Wajima) "Vege taco rice plate and set of seasonal vegetable potage" ※ out of order

② Let's make it at home and have fun! A recipe of "Makanai lunch" is released on the web! On the "Kanazawa daily" special page, the recipe of "Maekawa Lunch" invented at each store is made public!

③ Instant campaign where "Arabian grain" wins lottery! For those who took a picture of "Makanai Lunch" that you ate at the shop, "Makanai Lunch" made with reference to the recipe, and uploaded it to the Instagram with a #harvum redcliff hush tag, A lottery gives "People 5 cups of juvenile grain" to five people every month.

Details of ① to ③ are on the special page.

Organizer / US New product type "Arabian Grain" Promotion Promotion Committee Secretariat / JA Total farmer Ishikawa Rice grain club Division Rice section TEL.076-240-5331 Ishikawa Prefecture Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Department Production Distribution Division TEL.076-225-1621

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