【Kanazawa】Thank you for your reservation from May 1st to 4th.

Guests to Kanazawa Machiya Aburaya.

Kanazawa Night Museum

It is planned to be extended at night at 12 cultural facilities in Kanazawa city. It is done regularly, but this year as well as Golden Week and "Kanazawa Hyakumarigi Festival" will be held in time. Various events were held at each museum based on the theme of the new Kanazawa night cultural tourism. Let's go for a rediscovery of the highlight of Kanazawa like night.

Date of opening ◆ From 27th April to 28th Saturday, 2018, Saturday May 3rd to 5th Saturday, June 1st to 2nd Saturday, Time ◆ Normal closing time ~ 20: 00 (Admission is until 19:30) Venue ◆ Terashima Kuranji House, Muroto Star Samurai Memorial Hall, Maeda Tosa Mamoru Memorial Museum, Nakamura Memorial Museum of Art, Suzuki Osaka Kan, Kanazawa Furusato Art Museum, Yasue gold leaf art gallery, Tokuda Haruka Memorial Hall, Izumi Kaga Memorial Hall, Kanazawa literary museum, Kanazawa Gramophone Museum, Kanazawa Nohgaku Art Museum Fee ◆ General 300 yen, over 65 years old 200 yen, less than high school student free ※ Kanazawa literary museum is 100 yen for general, less than high school student for free For inquiries ◆ Kanazawa Arts Creation Foundation Tel.076-223-9898, Kanazawa Culture Promotion Foundation Tel.076-220-2190

【Schedule】 ■ Friday, April 27 · Terashima Kuran mansion

■ April 28 (Saturday) · Terashima Kuran mansion · Murose starster memorial hall · Maeda Tosa Moriya Archive Museum

■ Thursday May 3 (Thursday) · Nakamura Memorial Art Museum · Suzuki Osamu Kan * 17: 00 ~ 18: 00 temporarily closed · Kanazawa Furusato Great House

■ Friday, May 4 (Friday) · Ango Goldfoil Crafts Center · Tokuda Shogun Memorial Hall

■ May 5 (Sat) · Izumi Kaga Memorial Hall · Kanazawa Bunka-kan · Terashima Kuran mansion · Kanazawa Gramophone Center

■ Friday, June 1 (Friday) · Tokuda Shogun Memorial Hall · Izumi Kaga Memorial Hall · Kanazawa Gramophone Center · Kanazawa Noh Museum · Ango Goldfoil Crafts Center

■ June 2 (Saturday) · Kanazawa Gramophone Center · Kanazawa Noh Museum

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