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Guests to Taisho Aburaya at Hida takayama.

Shinku-ji Festival (Shizuku Mi Festival)

■ Date Sunday, March 18, Heisei 30

■Holding time 9: 00 am to 4: 00 pm

■Venue Takayama Jinya Square Previous

■Content A young man in Hida carries "Sake drinking mikoshi" as a wish for a celebration of sake brewery and grain richness. We use sake made by ourselves, make a festival 's sake "Drop of God" and sell and act on the day only.


8 o'clock Shimizu Shinto Shrine (Hida Ichinomiya Palace Shrine) Starting at 8:35 pm (From Hida Ichinomiya Shimizu Shrine) 9:25 Opening Declaration 9:55 arrive to Jinya main venue 10 o'clock "ceremony" opening the mirror split ceremony 11 o'clock begins mikoshi cruise 12:25 Arrival at the riverbed site (Miyagawa Miya Maebashi upstream) Began shrine at 12:40 on river bed Departed from river bed at 13:20 13:50 Arrive in Jinjae square Cheers to 14: 20 15:40 Closing Ceremony

<Jin Yae Hiroba venue>

Ogaku "God's Drops" limited sale Hida's delicious market Traditional entertainment show Behavior to God's Drop etc.

<Miyama Maebashi riverbed site>

Shikiku shrine input temple Hand firework fireworks Taiko playing

■ Contact Shinkonomi Festival Executive Committee (Takayama Chamber of Commerce and Industry) Telephone: 0577-32-0380

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