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Experience living in a house near the station

In "Aburaya" we are preparing accommodation within walking distance of Kanazawa station and Takayama station.
Important things in traveling are means of transportation. If means of transportation is inconvenient, you may not be able to enjoy sightseeing and meals.
That trip is onece-in-a-lifetime experience. The journey to that area may be the first and last.
The appeal of the travel destination varies from region to region. Please enjoy the place you can only see in that area, the things you can only taste in that area, all its appeals on this trip.

A journey healed in a relaxing space

"Aburaya" thinks that you should heal the tiredness of your journey at your destination rather than healing at home.
Because the accommodation of "Aburaya" is wide in one house, I think that you can relax relaxedly at the business hotel price.
"We want to heal today's tiredness in order to fully enjoy the journey that will continue from tomorrow."
Because the living room and the bedroom are separate, you can respect the things that you want to do and you do not need to pay attention to other people.
For long-term travelers, travelers with a large number of people, travelers with children can relax at a value for money.

Food management while traveling

"Aburaya" is a self-catering accommodation, has a kitchen in every inn.
"I want to eat breakfast always eating"
"I want to make a meal because I have an allergy."
"I want to make children's baby food."
You can reproduce the usual eating habits even on your journey, so you can continue your journey without feeling stressed.

Guide by people living in the destination

The manager of "Aburaya" lives in each area.
The manager attends people in the area and lives in that area. The manager is familiar with that area.
Please do not hesitate to ask about sightseeing and meals.
The manager will be able to present plans of your choice.


Ancient city Kanazawa

The city of Kanazawa begins with Honngannji putting "Kanazawa Mido" as a base of missionary work in the middle of the 16th century. About 400 years ago Maeda Toshiie decided the castle in this place. Since then, Kanazawa has developed as a castle town of Kaga Hyakumanngoku, and it is said that it was the fourth largest city outside the Edo, Osaka and Kyoto areas during the clan government era. The savoring of samurai formed around the castle, the vibrant merchant city, the temple town which was arranged to protect the castle, the atmosphere of the castle town still remains, the Japanese culture remains beautiful.

【Points of interest】
Kenrokuen, Omi-machi fish market, samurai residence, 21st century art museum, Higashiyama - chaya street, west - chaya street, ninja temple, etc.

In the city center of Takayama city, the appearance of the castle town and merchant town since the Edo period is preserved. With the Hida mountain range (North Alps) in the northeastern part, there are famous mountains such as Yarigatake and Hodakadake, Nearby about known for transportation difficulties, and Nomugitouge which became famous for novels, films and TV dramas. Recently, it was introduced as "a city that leaves the original scenery of Japan", and tourists from outside of Japan are also increasing. Takayama City has won 3 stars as a must-see sightseeing spot in the Michelin Travel Guide "Boiyaja Platik Japon" and "Michelin Green Guide · Japon".

【Points of interest】
Shirakawago, Old cityscape (Sanmachi), Takayama-Jinya, Miyagawa Morning Market, Rail mountain bike, etc.


Original scenery Takayama

Aburaya's Accommodation


Accommodation by traditional house

Accommodation by cherry blossoms


Accommodation by romantic culture

"Kanazawa Machiya Aburaya" has been renovated the 70-year-old Samurai town house. We made a inn that you can relax while feeling good old Japan.
We have facilities necessary for long-term stay."Kanazawa Machiya Aburaya" is a 5-minute walk from Kanazawa Station, and a convenience store and bank is also a 1-minute walk. It is hotel which is convenient for sightseeing because it is near from Kanazawa station. Free private parking is available, so please feel free to contact us.

"SAKURA Aburaya" is an inn that you can enjoy the cherry blossoms symbolizing Japan throughout the year. Since the cherry blossoms' full blooming time is greatly influenced by the climate of the year, it is difficult to make it coincide with the traveling day. Therefore, it is the inn that the foreigner made the accommodation that can enjoy cherry blossoms at any time as the main concept. SAKURA Aburaya is a 7-minute walk from Takayama station, convenient for sightseeing in a nearby inn. We have free covered parking lot (reservation required), please feel free to contact us.

"Hida Takayama Taisho Aburaya" is a inn refurbished at the house of a female artist who was born in the Meiji era and lived strongly in Taisho era and Showa era.It is a inn with a main concept of Taisho Romantic culture, which was fostered in the shortest time in Japan's history, only 14 years.

"Hida Takayama Taisho Aburaya" is an 8-minute walk from Takayama station. It is a hotel that is convenient for sightseeing because it is close to Takayama station.

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