【Kanazawa】Thank you for your reservation from Feb 7th to 8th.

Guests to Kanazawa Machiya Aburaya.

Snowman Festival

Residents in the Hakusan Raku Shiramine and Kuwashima districts make large and small snowmen and the district is filled with snowmen. When the dusk approaches and the lights are lit in the snowman, the whole town is fantastic. Opening corners of foods and drinks centering around Shiramine's specialty are also set up in various places and you can enjoy eating walks.

Duration February 2, 2019 (Saturday) (Hakusan City Kuwashima Area) February 8, 2019 (Fri) (Shiramine District of Hakusan City) Hours Eating Walking / 15: 00 ~ Snowman light up / 17: 00 ~ 21: 00 Venue Hakusan City Kuwajima District, Shiramine District Address 〒 920-2501 Ishikawa ken Hakusan city Kuwajima, Shiramine Telephone number 076-259-2721 (Shiramine tourist association)

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