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Guests to Aburaya at Hida takayama.

Taisho Aburaya December 9 - 12

SAKURA Aruba and December 7th - 10th

Hida Great Cave Cave Valley of Ice

■ Duration

Tuesday, January 1, 2019 - Saturday, March 9, 9: 00-16: 00 ■ Event contents

In the Hida Great Stalactite Cave, which was also chosen as a sacred place for lovers, the "ice canyon" that was built with clear water flowing through the valley appeared. The pillar that shines pale with the sunlight shining is a large thing and it is as high as 30 m! Light up will also be held in February.

Ice Valley Light Up

Saturday, February 2, Saturday, Saturday, Sunday, Sunday, Saturday, and Saturday, March 23 Venue

Hida Great Stalactite Cave (Takayama City Niusukawa Town Daily Surface 1147) ■ Access

30 minutes by car from JR Takayama station ■ Reference URL

http://www.syonyudo.com/ ■ Inquiries

Hida Great Cave Tel (0577) 79-2211

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