【Kanazawa】Thank you for your reservation from Oct 19th to 21st.

Guests to Kanazawa Machiya Aburaya.

Explore Kanazawa's Machiya / Garden ~ Explore the revitalization of Kanazawa's town house and garden ~

People gather in an attractive space. The second tour of walking around the streets by guide of the local architects to buildings such as historical buildings of Kanazawa and popular tourist facilities. This theme is "Kanazawa no Machiya / Garden". The lecturer is Mr. Yoshikazu Urushizaki, the first-class architect of "Kanazawa Planning Institute". Learn about how Kanazawa's town houses and gardens have been preserved, traveling around old town houses and gardens. Kanazawa station famous for the gymnasium, "Tamadenin Maru Garden" reproducing the original daimyo garden, "Fozodaki Hikari Kura" which played the town house of Higashi Chaya street, etc., from a unique perspective of space creation It will guide Kanazawa.

Date of holding ◆ October 20, 2018 (Saturday) Time ◆ 8: 45 JR Kanazawa Station Tourist Information Center set 12: 15 dissolution of Kanazawa Castle Park Price ◆ 2,000 yen ※ Separate bus fee Capacity ◆ 20 people Reservation deadline ◆ Deadline as soon as capacity is reached Application / Inquiries ◆ Kanazawa City Tourism Policy Division Tel.076-220-2194

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