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Guests to Aburaya at Hida takayama.

Taisho Aburaya October 6 - 7 SAKURA Aruba and October 6th, 8th

Autumn Takayama Festival

■Date Tuesday, October 9, 1990, Wednesday, October 10

■Holding time All day holding

The Takayama Festival is the birthplace of the late 16th century to the 17th century, which refers to two festivals, "Sanno Festival (Sanno Festival)" in spring and "Hachiman Festival (Hachiman Festival)" in autumn. It has been handed down to the present day as a traditional event that retains the appearance of the Edo period through many transitions. Among them, "Yawata Festival" which dyes Takayama with autumn coloring is an example festival of Sakurayama Hachimangu Shrine which is the Shrine of the former Takayama castle town north half. On 9th and 10th October every year, eleven stalls appeared on the north side of Yasukawa Street. You can enjoy traditional festival events such as street strolling around the town and dedication of Karakuri of the cloth bag stand.

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