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Taisho Aburaya September 23 - 25 SAKURA Aburaya September 23 - 26

Hida Shogawa Shin-soba Festival

■ Date Wednesday, September 26, 3030 to Tuesday, October 2

■Holding time 10:30 am to 3:00 pm

■Object Anyone

■Venue 4 buckwheat noodles in Shokagawa-machi

■Content At that time, the taste of season which can be tasted only on the spot. New Shima soba Festival will be held at 4 in Shokagawa Town. Also ask the stamps to be pushed at more than three shops, and 120 people will receive luxury prizes by lottery for those who are posted at collection boxes at each store or road station! We will open 'Guide and special product corner' at Road Station Sakura no Sato Shosogawa.

■ Contact Hida Shosogawa Shin soba Festival Executive Committee Tel 05769-2-2234

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