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Guests to Takayama Aburaya.

Taisho Aburaya September 21 - 23

SAKURA Aburaya September 20 - 23

Tourism EXPO Japan 2018 Hida Takayama booth exhibition

It is said that the festival is one of the world's largest trips, booths from all over the world, as well as in Japan, are lined up in the venue. There is also an event stage and gourmet corner of the world etc, and if you do it one by one, you can feel the feeling of traveling around the world.

Tourism EXPO Japan 2018 (external link) Open in new window Hida Takayama booth exhibition Takayama city will exhibit a booth jointly with Kanazawa City, Nanto City, Hokuriku Hida 3-star highway promotion promotion council. The Hida Takayama campaign campaign lady welcomes you, such as sending tourist brochures and tasting local sake and apple juice. Please come by all means if you are nearby. We'll be expecting you!

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