【Kanazawa】Thank you for your reservation from Sep 18th to 20th.

Guests to Kanazawa Machiya Aburaya.

Autumn Festival of the Shoin (Kiriko · swing)

Kiriko's unique pull. Festival of Hoso Hachimangu Shrine. From the evening of the 14th, Kiriko's rhythm tailored to drums and whistles will last until about 3 o'clock. From 15 o'clock on the 15th, the festival's "sightedness" swing begins, and a youngster dressed in a flashy costume called Doppler will swing his hair spears and march through the town in a matrix. . The demonstration of the virtuosity of the exchange of hair spear called Shanga is brave and it is enough to see.

Date held ◆ Friday, September 14, 2018, Saturday 15th Hour ◆ September 14th around 21:00 ~ next 2 o'clock, around September 15 15: 00 ~ 21: 00 Venue ◆ Ishikawa Prefecture Suzu City Honmachi Shoin area For inquiries ◆ Tourism Exchange Section in Suzu City Tel: 0768-82-7776

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