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Guests to Taisho Aburaya at Hida takayama.

Kingura lion (prefecture designated important intangible cultural property) in Kokufu machi

Kingura lion is a local arts handed down from Hida to Echigan in various places and is dedicated at the festival time. Konko lion in the three districts of Kofu-machi Kanebuku, Hirose-machi and Uehirose are well-known for their artistic value and convey the distinctive features of the region, and both are designated as important intangible cultural assets in Gifu Prefecture. Kingura lion, the goddess (Kinzo) with the Tengu face cooperated with the goddess (Okame) with the lucky face covered, the story to eradicate the lion popping the field is played.

■ Kingura lions in Kokufu Town September 16 Sunday Uedo Suwa Shrine Since 13 o'clock shrine dedication time around 14:30 (Mai shrine) Sunday, September 16 Kamo Kamo Shrine at 14:30 Shrine dedication From around 15:30 ■Holding time By each shrine

■Venue Takayama-shi Kokufamachi

■ Contact Takayama City Kokufu Branch Office of Basic Industry Telephone 0577-72-3111

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