【Kanazawa】Thank you for your reservation from Sep 8th to 10th.

Guests to Kanazawa Machiya Aburaya.

AkaReeT (Akari) Akari Art

Also pay attention to the first Sky Lantern in the prefecture. Kuri Karasan Mountain, also known as the place of Genpei battlegrounds. This year marks the 13 th year of the opening of the mountain. To celebrate this, we will hold a three-day event at "Kutary Buddhist Temple Nishinobu Phoenix." In addition to coloring a magnificent building romantically with light-ups and sky lanterns, a variety of events such as live painting by the creative group "PROPO propo" active mainly in the local area are planned. Popular kitchen cars also gather. Enjoying the event and having a taste of gourmets, it's just 3 days special. I would like to visit local sights on this occasion.

Date ◆ September 7 th (Fri) - 9 th (Sun) in 2018

Time ◆ Each day sunset ~ Venue ◆ Kutary Buddha Fudoji Nishinobu Phoenix For inquiries ◆ Tsubata-machi Commerce and Industry Youth Department Tel.076-288-2131

■ Sky Lantern Date / Time: September 8 (Sat) 18:30 reception start 19: 30 Sky Lantern launch

I will give 400 sky lanterns to the night sky in front of the majestic Phoenix Hall. Lighting a faint light, the lantern that rises in the sky with the wishes of people creates a fantastic and romantic moment. ※ Lantern uses LEDs, even for kids OK. ※ Lanterns can be collected after use and taken home. ※ Lantern can be purchased from official website. There is a limited number. ※ If it rains on the day, it will be postponed to 9th (Sunday). Also, if rainy weather on both 8th and 9th will be postponed, we will establish another day. Details will be announced again. ※ The sky lantern launch day carries out traffic regulation near the venue. Parking lot of Tsubaki Sports Park is available. ※ It takes about 5 minutes on foot from the parking lot to the launch site, from the parking lot to the launch site, about 15 minutes on foot from the temporary parking lot so visitors with plenty of time are recommended.

■ Nishinobu Phoenix Hall Light Up Beautifully lighted up the majestic Nishinobu Phoenix Hall, which makes you feel history.

■ Art of Light Art of light that children can enjoy can also be carried out.

■ PROPO Live Paint PROPO of the creative group will come to Kurerakara Phoenix! Maekawa Katsushi, Matsuda Yohei, Shinoda Takuya and others draw super masterpieces on a large wall. The moving picture will change rapidly as you draw, and you will overwhelm what you see.

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