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【Taisho&SAKURA Takayama】Thank you for your reservation from Aug 14th to 15th.

August 13, 2018

Guests to Taisho & SAKURA Aburaya at Hida takayama.


Hida Togenguku Kugu's Summer Festival


■ Date
Wednesday, August 15, Heisei 30

Holding time
From 6:00 PM to 10:00 PM


Takayama-shi Hisono-cho Unnumba 580-1 Higashino multi-purpose center (Hisano Branch) parking lot

Takayama city Hisashi Town's summer scenes.
In addition to a briefing concert and Bon Odori, "Higashino Fireworks" must be missed.
The largest number 10 (Kurobama) makes big flowers in the night sky of Hisano.

Access to Hisano fireworks display from Takayama (JR)


From Takayama 16: 42 → arrive in Hisanoo 16: 58
From Takayama 18: 53 → arrive to Hisano at 19:08
From Takayama 19: 47 → arrive in Hisanoo 20: 01

From Kumino 21: 34 → Takayama landing 21: 49
From Kumino 23: 13 → Takayama landing 23: 27

Hisakino Great Fireworks
Hours 8: 30-9: 00 pm
Number of launches issued 1450 (maximum 10 (Shinku ball))
※Rain or shine

■ Contact
Kugu no Summer Event Council Phone 0577-52-2270




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