【Takayama】Thank you for your reservation from Aug 5th to 7th.

Guests to Taisho Aburata at Hida takayama.

The 35th Hida Takayama hand-made fireworks launch

■ Date Thursday, August 9, Heisei 30

■Holding time From 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM

(Rain punishment)

■Object Anyone

■Venue Miyagawa Yayoi Bridge Stream

■Content A temporary mount on the river bed of Miyagawa is a brave fireworks held with hands holding fireworks bought in a bamboo cylinder and sparking fire.

I pray for misery and it will be held on the 8th (Mon) 9th (December) every year.

■ Contact Hidatakayama summer festival promotion council Telephone 0577-32-0380

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