Aburaya's Decorations - Inuyarai

Originally, Inuyarai's purpose is to prevent the horse kicking the wall of the house, it's also used to prevent from the dog's peeing. As seen in the traditional New Year's Kadomatsu, bamboo is a symbol of "congratulations". As a bamboo that continues to stretch branches and leaves constantly without being a victim of the snow accumulating, we want you to have a strong mind that will not break into difficulties for children, proceed straight ahead without hesitation and rebound adversity. The characteristics of bamboo, namely, "easy to cut, easy to bend" was suitable for Inuyarai that arranges bent items.


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Kanazawa Machiya Aburaya

2-5-12 Housai Kanazawa-shi Ishikawa Japan


SAKURA Aburaya

3-83-4 Tenmanmachi Takayama-shi Gifu​ Japan


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Taisho Aburaya

3-82-2 Tenmanmachi Takayama-shi Gifu​ Japan


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