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Guests to Kanazawa Machiya Aburaya.

A luncheon of a popular shop that tastes with Hyakumangoku rice

Ishikawa Prefecture's new rice "Hyakuman grain" debut for the second year campaign!
"Arabic grain" which was released as an original new varieties in Ishikawa Prefecture i...


Guests to Taisho Aburaya at Hida Takayama.

Yakiniku restaurant which stocks Hida beef by one unit.

You can taste each part of Hida beef piece by piece.

It is exquisite ♪


This is a French restaurant in a corner of a residential area near Kanazawa University.Michelin Guide published as one star in the special edition of Toyama / Ishikawa (Kanazawa) 2016.
The inside of the s...


This is a sushi shop located in Kahoku-shi Uenoi, a little away from Kanazawa city, but it takes about 30 to 40 minutes for convenient transportation by car or train. You need determination to go out, but...


​This is a hideout sukiyaki restaurant behind the Nikko Hotel Kanazawa.

It is the second floor of an office building, and it is a place where it is impossible for a person walking on the road to enter impul...


This is a tasteful restaurant that arranged more than 200 years of residence of the late Edo era in contemporary style.At spacious private rooms you can see the traditional Japanese garden and you can feel...


This is a teppanyaki restaurant which renovated the townhouse of 150 years old.
The owner has been training at the hotel for many years and is familiar with all kinds of dishes.
Selected meat, Fusion dish...

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Kanazawa Machiya Aburaya

2-5-12 Housai Kanazawa-shi Ishikawa Japan


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Taisho Aburaya

3-82-2 Tenmanmachi Takayama-shi Gifu​ Japan


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SAKURA Aburaya

3-83-4 Tenmanmachi Takayama-shi Gifu​ Japan