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【Crane】Since ancient times "cranes are said to be a thousand years", as a "bird of good luck in symbolism of longevity".It gets along very well with their lives, it is said to be "birds of friendship". As barks resonate and reach far away, it is said that "Birds leadin...


The opening angle of a fan is roughly between 90 degrees and 180 degrees, and those with a central angle of about 120 degrees centering on a circle are mainstream.
The shape of such a fan is considered to be auspicious because it means to "Spreading wide toward the fut...


The top which is turning is sometimes compared to life, we put the wishes of "Let your life get more and more satisfactory" .

It is pleased as a gift or decoration as lucky goods.


The history of drums in Japan is very old, I know that there was a drum in Japan in the Kofun period (the end of the 3 rd to the 6 th century). 
There was also the theory that there is a nature that the beat of the drum make himself inspire by "synchronizing" to t...


Frog reads with the same pronunciation as the word "change" "return" "come back" in Japanese.
Peaple wish that "Fortune will come back" and wish that a person who goes far away "Come back safely" and when going to the hospital, we hope the person who loses health will...


We escape fire difficulties by decorating a kite.
Once in a while, we understand that people thought  the kite was precious to approach God in heaven. In the Edo period, the kite flying was not for children to play with, but it was taken as a symbol to invite peop...


Originally, Inuyarai's purpose is to prevent the horse kicking the wall of the house, it's also used to prevent from the dog's peeing. 
As seen in the traditional New Year's Kadomatsu, bamboo is a symbol of "congratulations". As a bamboo that continues to str...

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